White light Montessori School
No 7a Akin Ogunlewe road, Victoria Island, Lagos.

​              ​  08188889012, 09070000150

.....Strong foundations last forever

This is our day care center for babies 3months to 9months old. Our babies are loved in a calm and conducive environment which enables them get all the rest they need and also develop their senses through play. The creche is fully furnished with luxurious furniture and toys that aid development of the 5 senses of our little ones.

Our nursing mothers are encouraged to come in whenever they please to breast feed. We welcome our babies as early as 6am till they are picked up. 


The adult to child ratio is 1:3 with a Montessori Certified Lead and two assistants.

The program strives to foster independence, physical development, and language development for the infants. This is achieved by having and open, safe classroom where the children are not inhibited by items such as playpens and walkers.

The Nido classrooms refrain from the use of pacifiers in order to teach the children how to self-soothe.

The children who can move around sleep on futons instead of in cribs. This allows the child to understand that sleep is a choice that she makes for herself instead of something that is forced on her by an adult putting her into a “container”. Children fall asleep and wake up feeling self-assured and independent.

The parents and the teacher must work together VERY closely during this time in order to ensure that there is consistency between home and school.


Parents are responsible for providing all food items for their children. The creche is able to store both breast milk and formula for the children. 

Breast milk must be removed from the freezer every Friday in order to prevent weekend spoilage due to a power outage. 

Parents supply all diapers, cream, and extra clothes for their children.  


There is a room for nursing mothers in the community room. This is a private space for mothers to breastfeed and/or pump breast milk. 

Sign language is used in all creche classrooms in order to help the young child communicate effectively.