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Fine Arts

Art and Music are introduced at this level in stimulating and creative ways, both in small groups with music and individual lessons with art. The goals of the art and music curriculum foster self expression, concentration, development of gross/fine motor skills, and refinement of the senses.

Music activities include:

• Singing songs

• Listening to music

• Exploration with musical instruments

Art exercises include:

• Painting: watercolor (fine motor) and easel (large motor) • Drawing

• Gluing

• Cutting

. Clay work 

. Sewing

• Weaving

Children's House

Art and Music appreciation continues at the 3-6 level through both creative opportunities and through formal lessons. Music is offered through singing songs, listening to a variety of music, and more formal lessons are introduced through the bells and other rhythm instruments. The art materials offered allow students to explore and work at their own pace, using a variety of media to stimulate choice and innovation.

Music activities include:

• Bells: use of the Montessori bells in the classroom environment for tone matching and composition.

• Rhythm: introduction to beat of music through instruments and/or composed music; children work with rhythm sticks or simple instruments.

Art exercises include:


 • Exploration and creative expression are fostered through various media available in the classroom: coloring, drawing, painting at an easel, watercolor painting, clay/sculpture, collage, sewing, and weaving.


• Children are encouraged to look at their own work and appreciate the art works of known artists as well.