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Procedure For Admission

  1. Parents are encouraged to come for an initial tour of the the school and speak to the Administrator. 

  2. If parents are willing to proceed with application after the Tour, obtain an application form for a fee, then bring the child in for a prior assessment. This assessment is called a "Play Date", and entails the child spending about an hour in the classroom that is best suited to his/ her age. The child is assessed for physical, social and cognitive skills; and speech and emotional behavior are also observed. A recommendation is then made as to whether or not he/she is a match for our school environment.

  3. Both parents are interviewed in order to learn more about what the school has to offer and establish their expectations to mutually ascertain whether or not White light is the right school for them as a family. Suitability is not only assessed by looking at the individual child but also by taking into account the ethos of the parents and their support for the Montessori philosophy. We are looking for families who support Montessori education and will endeavour to promote it. We are looking for children who will benefit/flourish in the sort of environment that we offer.

  4. If both parents and the school are convinced of the readiness of the child to attend WLMS, the parents are given the enrolment forms to fill  and submit with all supporting documents. 

  5. Priority is given to siblings of children already in our care and consideration to no.3 ​

  6. A child’s admission at WLMS is considered confirmed when all school fees and  levies are paid.


​​​How to Apply to White light Montessori

Please contact the school to arrange a viewing prior to making an application to join the school.  

To apply, please click here.

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