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Welcome, Prospective Colleagues!

Our school serves children from ages 3 months to  6 years using the Montessori method. Our "Montessori-Inspired" Lower Elementary (Primary 2-4) classroom serves children from 6 - 9 years old.  

To our employees, we offer paid sick leave, ample vacation time, other benefits and a caring, cooperative work environment. We are a hard-working group and welcome your intelligence, creativity, passion, and vision as we grow the school.

We are always happy to receive cover letters and resumes from trained Montessori guides and support staff looking for lead teacher and Teacher assistant  positions at the Infant/Toddler,Children’s House and Primary levels. 

Even if we do not currently have an opening for you, we will be happy to keep good candidates in mind for positions as they become available. Please email your resume and cover letter to 

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Our Mission

We are on a mission to offer the very best in adult education, which means being responsive to the unique needs of adult learners and attracting the most knowledgeable, experienced, and talented teacher trainers in the Montessori community, with the aim to offer Montessori diploma courses which are internationally recognised for their high standard and authenticity.

Looking for more information about any of our programs? Get in touch now.

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Teacher Training Programs (TTP)

Montessori teacher education, often called “training”, is different from conventional teacher education.Montessori is a complete system and model of education from birth to adulthood based on human development. Training immerses students in the model and trains them intensely in the specialised materials and lessons that make up Montessori practice. 

Training programs include:

  • Comprehensive study of Montessori’s model of human development

  • Grounding in Montessori principles such as observation, freedom and responsibility, and the prepared environment

  • Specific training in the complete set of Montessori materials and lessons for the age group being studied

  • Observation and student teaching in Montessori classrooms

  •  Training for Classroom Assistants, caregivers, heads of schools, guardians and anyone who work directly or indirectly with children in the Early years, 

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