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The Montessori Children’s House is a mixed age environment specifically designed to cater to children between the ages of 2.5 to 6 years. Children work individually, or in groups, with hands-on activities which are designed to help them develop physically, socially and intellectually. They become confident in their own abilities because the environment naturally encourages them to persevere and achieve manageable goals.

Children develop the ability to concentrate on tasks and see them through in a logical way and consequently they learn to read and write with ease and they develop an understanding of mathematics through exploration of concepts in concrete form. There is ample opportunity for exploration of the world, including the animals, people and plants in it and children express themselves freely through music, drama and art. 

The following curriculum areas are present in the Children's houses:

• Practical Life - to instill a desire to care for oneself, for others and for the environment, leading to a strong sense of social awareness and responsibility.

• Sensorial – to develop and refine the senses enabling each child to increase understanding and awareness of his or her environment.

• Language - to assist in the effective development of the four main skills of listening and speaking, reading and writing.

• Mathematics - to develop a concrete understanding of numbers, patterns, quantities, etc. building a strong foundation and confidence in computational and problem solving activities.

• Cultural - to provide an opportunity to experience and discover ideas and concepts in Geography, History, Music, Art and Sciences including Zoology, Botany and Physical Science , as well as a general understanding of the world as a unique and cyclical phenomena.

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